Protein Powder without Soy

Protein Powder without Soy

Protein powder without soy, what it is and should you get one?

From the start when you hear the term protein powder without soy, you think: Whey protein!

Unfortunately, not all whey protein powders are free of soy. Most of them have at least some percentages of soy protein or some compounds derived from it.

For example, one important compound that is derived from soy and that is used in many whey protein powders is Lecithin.

Lecithin derived from soy is a compound that can bring some dangerous side effects besides benefits.

For a starter, if the soy from which the lecithin was extracted was genetically modified, it is obvious that it will have some toxins in its chemical composition. The amount of toxins you will get is equal to the quantity of soy you will ingest, “the dose makes the poison” as scientist like to say.

say no to soy protein powderAnother important thing that you should know about Lecithin from soy is that it can trigger allergic reactions, in case that you already have an allergy to soy. So, read the label very good before deciding to buy a product.

Some last things that you should know about Soy Lecithin are that it can affect the development of a child inside the womb of its mother and it can also affect the quality of the sperm. So, be careful.

What is the difference between a whey protein powder without soy and one with it?

By using a protein powder without soy, the problems derived from its consumption will be avoided and you will not have to think about them anymore.

The amino acid profile of a whey protein powder without soy and one with it is mostly the same.

This means that your capacity of gaining muscle mass won’t be affected or other related stuff.

Where can I find whey protein powder without soy, is it cheap?

Whey protein powders without soy are pretty hard to find on todays market of supplements. You will have to search pretty hard to find one.

Usually, these types of protein powders are pretty expensive. If you will look on most of the cheap protein powders you will see that they have written on their label that they contain some amount of soy or compounds derived from it, thing which you won’t see on the label of the most expensive protein products.

So in order to help you, I will give you some examples of products that are free of soy:

Of course that there are also other good products out there, but you will have to “dig” in the shops of supplements to find them.

It will be a challenge finding a protein powder without soy in its composition, but you will definitely find one.

A way through which you can find easier a protein powder without soy is to send some emails to the supplement companies and ask them to recommend you a whey protein powder without soy from their range of products.

This will make your life much easier.