10 Cheapest Pre-Workout Supplements

10 cheapest pre-workout

Whether you get up early in the morning, find a way in at lunch, or hit the racks after a long day of work, one thing remains the same.

You are tired!

But, you don’t want to spend $5 on an energy drink that is 90% sugar and food coloring.

Thankfully there is a better option, that in the long run is going to be the most convenient, consistent, and cheapest; pre-workout.

So what is this stuff? These products are a blend of amino-acids, vitamins, with a little caffeine. All you need to do if add a scoop into 6-8 ounces of water or so and you are ready to lift harder and longer.

Sounds too good to be true right? This stuff must cost a fortune with all that stuff packed in there!

Wrong! The beautiful thing is that all of these ingredients are in an amazing abundance due to their use in various things. You get all the best parts of that energy drink without the coloring or the mummification level of preservatives. The cheapest pre-workout supplements are still quality products with years of lab research, and stories from the average person walking into the gym ready for a good pump.

But, in the world of the cheapest pre-workouts, there are still a good number of phonies that shovel the caffeine on in an attempt to make up for an imbalanced amount of vitamins and amino-acids. They give you enough energy to kill on your first set, but somewhere in your second exercise you crash and burn.

The cheapest pre-workout supplement recommendations

So here is the breakdown of the go-to cheapest pre-workouts that are the real deal, and won’t let you down when you are trying to break those PR’s.

#2Muscle Pharm Assault
#4Gold Standard Pre-Workout
#5GAT Clinically Tested Nitraflex
#6ProSupps Mr. Hyde Intense
#7Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout
#8Legion Pulse
#9Vitamin Bounty Energy & Focus
#10Vintage Blast

#10 Vintage Blast

The name says it all. This, the first on our list of cheapest pre-workouts, is gluten, artificial coloring, and GMO-free, plus it is 100% vegetarian. An all natural pre workout supplement which definitely belongs to our list of best natural pre workout supplements.

You might think that this mix wouldn’t be able to even get you off the ground enough to crash and burn during your workout. Vintage Blast has a two-stage mixture of vitamins and a touch of caffeine to get you started, then amino-acids and minerals to make sure that you don’t tap out till your workout is over. It is a top seller and has over thousands of reviews. Who says that there isn’t a cheap pre-workout that is any good for our non-meat eating friends? That being said some customers said that it didn’t agree with their system, and it had a taste too sour to their liking. So as far as the best, cheapest pre-workout for vegetarians goes, this is it, but it might not hit the spot for the carnivorous. You get 20 servings, assuming you take as directed. A good product at a good price, the cheapest energy drink can’t even touch the clean burn that comes from this most natural cheapest pre-workout.

Vintage Blast contains no creatine, it is one of our favorite pre workout without creatine supplements. It is also a pre workout without beta alanine.


  • All natural pre workout supplement
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free.
  • Vegetarian Friendly


  • Pricey
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#9 Vitamin Bounty Energy & Focus

Who is down for cherry?

Right out of the gate, we have to be honest; this cheapest pre-workout contains a dye called Red Lake #40. But, beyond that, the reviews are in, and this stuff flat out works.

Vitamin Bounty relies on a mix of taurine (400mg per serving) and caffeine (250 mg per serving) to get going, then pours on the amino acids,  Beta-Alanine (2000mg per serving) and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (1500 mg per serving) for the long haul. This cheapest pre-workout is perfect for the early riser that gets their pump in before a long day at the office. Many users reported the perfect level of energy before their time at the gym and an elevated mood and energy well after they hit the office. At 30 servings, the dye is something that can be overlooked.


  • Delicious flavor


  • Contains a dye called Red Lake #40
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#8 Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

Up to this point, the list our previous mentions of the cheapest pre-workouts have only come in one flavor.

Legion Pulse, on the other hand, comes in 3; Fruit Punch, Grape, and Watermelon. Also, this cheapest pre-workout has traded out Taurine for “L-theanine, which is derived from tea leaves and has been granted GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status by the Food and Drug Administration” as stated by drugs.com.

Pulse is an all natural pre workout supplement that is naturally sweetened and flavored. We love natural products, this one is definitely one of the best natural pre workout supplements available.

Another difference is that a two scoop serving cuts down on the economic gains of purchasing this one. However, after thousands of reviews, it still holds a very solid rating!


  • All natural pre workout supplement
  • Naturally Sweetened & Flavored
  • No jitters or other side effects


  • Weak taste (subjective)
  • Not as strong – may require more to get the same effect as other pre-workouts
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alpha gx7 pre-workout

#7 Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout

Many times it is the mixture that makes all the difference in the effect that these cheap pre-workouts will have on your body and workout.

Gx7 has a similar ingredient make up as Legion Pulse, but you only need one scoop instead of two.

A back draw is that it only comes in watermelon, and the taste has mixed reviews. This is a solid choice, and for the price of an energy drink per serving, it is worth a try if you are not having success with other options.


  • No sudden rush, steady energy
  • High amount of citrulline
  • Great flavor


  • Only one flavor available
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#6 ProSupps Mr. Hyde Intense Pre-Workout

After you get past the wild advertising, and the three flavored offered (Berry Blast, Blue Razz, and Orange Burst), this cheapest pre-workout is a solid product.

We can all be honest and say that cheapest pre workout or not, protein can do a number on your stomach. The guys down in the lab for the product added in some pretty innovative stuff like soluble dietary fiber to this mix of amplifying ingredients to make sure you run clean.

If you are an athlete, not just lifting weights for the benefit, but looking for results on the field or in the game too then this is one to take a look at. They have added a touch a Creatine, and some all natural things like Yohimbe bark extract to get that the maximum effect. The breakdown of ingredients in detailed and broken down so you know exactly how much of what is in a scoop, and what it is doing for you. There is no Taurine in this one, and the Caffeine has been dialed back because no one wants that jittery feeling before they put in work on their game.

This is for the focused looking for to keep moving their game forward. The product sells out quickly. That pretty much speaks for itself as far as how good this cheapest pre-workout is.

This product is not completely natural but the people over at ProSupps offer the Mr. Hyde pre workout as a natural variant. The so-called Zero variant is an all natural pre workout supplement. It contains zero artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and sugars. So click here if you’re looking for the best natural pre workout.


  • Added fiber
  • Lots of flavors


  • Can be too intense for some (some users reported getting headaches)
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#5 GAT Clinically Tested Nitraflex

This is the supplement for the seasoned vet.

There is a huge red warning that reads “do not take more than one scoop per serving.”  Every 10-ounce scoop of this jet fuel contains 325 mg of caffeine and a cornucopia of testosterone boosting ingredients.

Putting clinically tested on there is not a gimmick either. Right in the description, they state that adding this to your workout can boost your bench press 5-10 pounds in two weeks. Again, this cheapest pre-workout is not for the faint of heart.

Creatine causes water retention. For this reason, the people over at GAT decided to make their pre workout without creatine. This is a great all natural pre workout supplement and it is definitely one of our personal favorites.

If you haven’t logged a big amount of hours in the gym, do not use this product. But, to the PR breaks, bar benders, and trip enthusiasts the end to your plateau comes in 7 flavors. Grab a tub of this best natural and cheapest pre-workout, and conquer the plates.


  • All natural pre workout supplement
  • Great pump & clean energy
  • Helps increase testosterone
  • Pina Colada flavor!


  • None
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#4 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

The name of this stuff is on-point. They have the breakdown for both 1 and 2 scoop portions because these guys did their homework. This blend was built to be stacked.

They put the caffeine low but matched it with a little creatine to spark the furnace and keep it burning longer. Their caffeine comes from natural sources such as coffee beans and tea. Which doesn’t make it an all natural pre workout supplement, but it is a nice healthy addition. Throwing down the B12 and B6 vitamins ensure that after you leave the gym you are primed for the day, or will make it to your bed in time to get some much-earned rest. This blend is not overpowered with anyone ingredient which makes it perfect to stack with other supplements. This is the cheapest pre-workout for the scientist. And like most products listed above, this is not a pre workout without beta alanine.

It is a good base that will get ready to for the pump, but adding various supplements, like fat-burners, isn’t going to put extra strain on your body. Maximizing your specific results is what this cheap pre-workout is all about.


  • Reliable brand
  • No jitters/clear focus


  • None
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This is by far the smallest container of cheapest pre-workout on this list, but that is because you can only get so much beast mode in one tub.

It comes in 7 flavors, and two serving sizes. The back of this tub reads like the ingredients to lighting.

Not sure you are up for it and just want to try it out?

Then going for the 30 servings size is the way to go. But, if you are just an absolute beast and eat cheapest pre-workout for breakfast, then pony up for the 60. But, sometimes all that power in one cheapest pre-workout can be a drawback for some people. About 1 in 100 stomachs will not agree with this stuff, evidence being the reviews it has.

We still got 2 options to go, so don’t be afraid to cut your losses and try something else.


  • Amazing flavors and great mixability
  • Solid pre-workout


  • May upset the stomach when taking high dosage
  • New formula is not as good as the previous
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#2 Muscle Pharm Assault

Complete and total Assault on the gym is what this should be called.

There is coconut water powder in it!?

Don’t worry about dehydration or that dry feeling in your mouth you get after slamming other cheapest pre-workouts. There are ingredients that are specifically meant to amp up your ATP conversion. Simply, your body more quickly breaks down those amino acid’s to create a burst of energy that is sustaining. They have swapped out the easy jump starter of caffeine for a blend of ingredients that give energy that lasts up to 8 times longer.

Athlete, Lifter, or both, this is the cheapest pre-workout that covers all your bases. From the first step into the building to the hours of intense recovery after a good workout. Not mention the 6 flavors and the reasonable price. This is balling on a budget.


  • Awesome clean energy
  • Low to no crash
  • Great price


  • Not the best flavor & aftertaste
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#1 Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout

Heads up, because we got another warning label on this tub of insanity.

This cheapest pre-workout packs a punch, and comes in 6 flavors; one of which is strawberry margarita. The company behind this product keeps up with their customers, racking up over 130 answered questions about this product. People either love or hate this one, and those that hate it, for the most part, couldn’t handle the boost. This is another PR breaker, and not for somebody new to the gym. C4 is known for its taste and these 6 don’t disappoint.

C4 pre-workout supplement review by Tigerfitness


  • Best quality to price ratio
  • Great pump
  • Very affordable
  • Watermelon flavor


  • None
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Final thoughts and closing words.

At the end of the day, do your homework, and be honest with yourself.

If you are not a regular to the house of gains, don’t try to drive your weight up by doing one of these cheapest pre-workouts that you clearly aren’t ready for it. DON’T IGNORE THE WARNINGS! They are there for a reason.

Every cheapest pre-workout has its pros and cons. Which is why we have assembled this list so no matter what your goals are, what time of day you lift, or what your max is; there is something for everyone. The good thing about all these cheapest pre-workouts is exactly that, you are not making a huge investment. Don’t fall for the hype of some tubs that go for $50 a pop. If you don’t like one, just throw another $20 down until you find something that pushes you in your grind. Reaching those goals is a process things will change, so always keep a close eye on how these cheapest pre-workouts affect you.

In the words of one reviewer, ”Game time, Baby”. Hop off the electronics and hit the weights.


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