The Best Deadlift Slippers: Why Should You Buy Them?

why buy deadlift slippers

Many people choose to deadlift weights in their standard running shoes instead of deadlift slippers. Did you know this could be affecting your ability to lift higher weights? Here’s why.

Your standard running shoe has an inner cushion that absorbs impact with every step that you take. This is brilliant for running but less so for deadlifting. You need a shoe that puts all the force that your body produces towards lifting the weight upwards. The more force that you create, the more you can use in lifting the weight. Rather than losing some of that force to the absorbing cushion of a running shoe.

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Lift More Weights with Deadlift Slippers

Deadlift slippers can help you lift more weight by generating more force through the ground. This gives you the best possible chance of pulling the bar with enough power to get the bar off the ground. They also allow you to drive out of a squat knowing that they are your sole contact point with the ground. Transfer as much of that energy you are creating from the floor through your body and towards moving the bar. You can use all that energy as they have no padding in them which will absorb any of the power you create. This is a huge advantage and could provide that tiny difference between lifting and not lifting a bar.

Additionally, you need a good rubber sole that gives you as much grip as possible. Even the slightest slip can hinder your ability to lift a weight. You need to be confident that you will be glued to the ground. You also don’t want your feet to be moving around inside your footwear. Deadlift slippers wrap themselves around your foot tightly but comfortably. Your feet have nowhere to go.

The thin and flat sole on deadlift slippers mean that you are as low to the ground as possible. Increasing stability and actually decreases the height you need to lift the bar. It’s a small amount, but any advantage is worth getting. These flat soles also increase the involvement of your hamstrings and glutes. This is vital for getting that extra power to lift.

Protection from injuries and infections

arnold deadlifting barefootMany people swear by deadlifting in just their socks or even barefoot. Deadlift slippers give even the barefoot purists an option to add a huge amount of stability. Lifting barefoot or in socks can make you slip mid-lift. They are also more safe than deadlifting barefoot. You never know what can be on the ground or could injure you through your thin socks.

Another use for these deadlift slippers can be during martial arts training. An advantage of these is that they are much more hygienic than the typical barefoot session. Having a sole means that you cannot pick up any skin or fungal infection. Infections that could be caught by training barefoot. Secondly, you can avoid injury thanks to the firm sole. Many halls where martial arts training takes place have uneven or broken floorboards. There could also be a possibility of having sharp objects lying around inadvertently. If you stepped on any of these barefoot then you could be facing a nasty injury. The hard sole stops you from picking up injuries from these. Much like the deadlifting advantage, they will prevent you from slipping. Doing so whilst you are sparring or training. This obviously helps you perform better but can also prevent injuries. Injuries that could be caused by falling over or overstretching.

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The deadlift slippers recommended will cost you much less than buying any overpriced shoes. The shoes that claim to be specialized, despite often being nothing of the sort. These have been passed as legal by the IPF/USAPL and are legal for all power lifting. The rubber sole is 1/8th and gets you as low to the floor as possible. It does this whilst still maintaining grip and providing protection to your feet. They also have Terry Cloth upper material which wraps around your foot snuggly. Preventing any slipping inside the footwear, a benefit described earlier.